Rules for Happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.

The Malebranche Prophecies is a story of our turbulent times, a world failing to learn from the past, drawing too heavily on our future to pay for today.

The Hygieia Outliers

The First Chapter in the Malebranche Prophecies Series

Loosing his mother to an ‘adverse drug reaction,’ Consultant Dr. Jacob Cammack is determined to find out just why she died of taking the cure, what’s more, just whom is responsible.

Haunted by her dying words, ‘I think I missed my life,’ his quest for answers puts him against malevolent forces, sending him into dark places where the truth is buried deep and dirty.

The Malebranche Prophecies is a story of our turbulent times, a world failing to learn from the past, drawing too heavily on our future to pay for today. Our protagonists, idealists at heart, find themselves fighting against dark forces and the onset of a dystopian future. Embroiled dead centre of a world in crisis, fighting hard for resolution, our hero’s place themselves in the crosshairs of the elite, a Cabal of the rich and powerful, as they themselves strive to protect their inimitable right to continue to live big at any price.

Plagued to this point by an apparent incapacity for freedom, the repressed masses finally begin to stare from their slumber as the world crisis escalates, but is it already too little too late? Revolution is in the air, on every continent now, however, the Cabal how countermeasures in place to crush such revolts at source, and from their lofty ranks a malevolent figure emerges, a previously unseen hand, now a fist, central in the battle dubbed as the black hats versus the white; the rich against the poor, a conflict threatening our whole way of life as it takes the world to the brink of destruction, as superpowers clash, and the ‘war to end all wars’ appears imminent.

Sitting on enough information to smash the Cabal, can our protagonists disseminate the proof in time to make the difference, driving through the remaining ambivalence, and the sea of misinformation clouding the truth; will it all be lost in the detail? At this juncture, no one truly believes that a few committed people can change the world, except perhaps for our heroes, but at the end of the day, will any of it be enough to steer the world away from the abyss and the extinction that lies before us?

As our heroes continue to face deep and implacable odds, ‘revelations’ has become the new media watchword, but as ordinary folk struggle to provide this in context, the world is holding its breath as conflicts intensify, and with no one seemingly capable of turning it off, a feeling of inevitability enters the collective psyche and the news wires start to talk in terms of Armageddon, the end of days from the book of Revelations.

Stepping out of the shadows, putting their lives on the line now, our protagonists have only one play left, but with faith crumbling and the lights across the Earth starting to dim, staring into the Abyss, contemplating the unthinkable, the peoples of the world turn to faith and start to pray, holding on now to little more than hope, they pray for a miracle. For as one commentator of notoriety left us; ‘Hope, is the fragrance the springtime flower sheds, even in the ruins to which it clings.’