JP Gilbert

The Author

JEAN-PIERRE GILBERT has worked in pharmaceuticals all his adult life, in all sectors too: Prescription medicines, Vaccines, Blood products and Medical devices. He’s had positions in all departments, at all levels, from working on the tools, all the way to the position of vice president (VP) of some of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies.

JP Gilbert


In his time in the industry, he has also experienced both faces of the healthcare, the good and the bad. He knows the people and understands the infrastructure on which they operate, in all its complexity. Recognising how the fear of litigation now colours efficiency, that the rush to use cutting edge technologies in product manufacturing is way beyond the real-time understanding many a good practitioner and that fundamentally, healthcare is a business, primarily, there to make money, using a business model that treats the sick and dying, but does not look to cure!

After spending many years writing technical documents, Jean-Pierre has tried to capture in The Hygieia Outliers and other related books in a trilogy, the state of the industry today, how it has been compromised by the corporate elite in the drive for institutional money and share holder dividends, moreover, the sacrifices made by so many, to benefit so few. By extension, governments are complicit, stigmatised by their preoccupation with a healthy gross domestic product (GDP) they pay lip service to the health and welfare of the people who do all the living and dying in the name of community.

The Hygieia Outliers is a thriller about our lives, our times, a testament to the sick society we all contribute to, the product of our denial and apathy, a stark admonishment too, one that may already be too late to heed!